Benefits options, advice and training

Benefit options, advice & Training

Benefit Options, Advice & Training


Using social security benefits to help individuals, charities and the community.

Benefit Options, Advice & Training provides training and support services in the field of social security benefits.

We primarily work with third sector agencies who themselves work with the public.

This includes support to staff but we also provide advice and guidance to the members/clients/customers of those agencies.

We offer a service based on over 30 years experience of delivering training and advice, working to a high standard and with a high level of ‘customer satisfaction’.

We specialise in being able to translate complex information into understandable and usable information, be it at a training session, or to an individual who we are steering through the maze that is the benefit system.


- Your organisation, by supporting your staff in an area critical to your members/customers/clients;                                      

- Your members, by directing vital income towards them, and/or they receive guidance to steer them through the complexities of the benefit system; 

- You demonstrate how you are offering practical help to your members


There is an obvious financial gain to your members/customer/clients.

BUT think what is done with that increased income                                                            - they can now pay for childcare, a better diet, more easily pay their bills;                    - they have more options in social and cultural activities.

AND this is money spent in local shops and on local services, so their communities benefit too.






Benefit Options, Advice & Training can provide ‘off the shelf’ training courses or bespoke courses, tailored just for you.

Training both informs and empowers - the knowledge and skills you pick up mean that you can do your job better, and boost or protect the income of the people you work with.


We have a range of pre-prepared courses that we can deliver. 

See our list of 'off the shelf' courses in our training page.


Each course is supported by comprehensive training notes and will be delivered by someone with a practical knowledge of the subject.

Part of the training package is a free aftercare service whereby any queries that arose from the training are responded to with follow-up email guidance.


We have a two-tier fee system where we charge less for ‘off the shelf’ courses than for courses that need particular preparation. There will be fixed fee plus travel costs.

 Contact us for up-to-date fees.

bespoke training

All of the our pre-prepared courses can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, or we can devise a course for your specific requirements


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how to fill in...guides

We have devised a collection of guides designed to aid claimants in completing the main claim forms themselves.

This is often the critical first stage in a claim, so effective completion is key to success.

They draw upon on years of experience of presenting a true picture of claimant, but in a manner most likely to bring about a successful claim.

See the other services page for more information

packages of services for smaller organisations

Many larger agencies run their own advice service, some also provide tribunal representation.

However for many agencies the staff costs are too high or the demand too low to warrant that level of financial commitment.

Why not subscribe to a tiered service where you buy in email advice, benefit maximisation, tribunal representation etc that meets your agencies particular budget and needs?

You just buy in the bits you need!

Contact us for our fee structure


We can organise and carry out targeted campaigns where we maximise the benefit income of your members/clients/customers

Experience shows that £1 of funding can easily generate 10 times that in extra benefit income.

meeting your outcomes/kpi targets USING BENEFITS

Think creatively - what better way is there to reach hard-to–reach communities than the offer of a benefit check, or a talk on benefits?

We have great experience in using benefits advice/maximising entitlement to encourage the engagement of client groups.

Click on our other services page for more information.


Many organisations are seeing their members' income (and therefore choices) reduced by Welfare Reform, including the replacement of DLA by PIP and the adverse effect of Universal Credit.

For example, many households which contain disabled people and their carers will be worse off when they are propelled onto Universal Credit.

Action taken NOW can reduce the negative impact of these inevitable changes.

Contact us for how we can assist you protect your members/clients/customers. 




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