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Training Information

Training Course Information

TIMES:       Registration is at 9:45.  The courses run from 10 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. unless stated otherwise.

There will be a mid-morning and mid-afternoon break. The lunch break is usually 45 minutes

VENUE:        HATTERS SPACE     www.hatters-space.co.uk

Upper Abbey St,       Nuneaton      CV11 5DN        024 7638 4491

Hatters Space is fully accessible and has a disabled toilet. Free (limited) on-site parking. Other car parks nearby


  • A detailed/practical training pack, to refer to and use later

  • An experienced practitioner

  • A chance to network with colleagues in the same field

  • An opportunity to ask that burning question!

 FEES:          Whole day courses:           £60 per person, per course code

                    Half day courses:                £40 per person, per course code

                    Annual Update:                  £25 per person, or two for £40

REFRESHMENTS:  Tea, coffee and soft drinks are provided.

LUNCH: Lunch is not provided. There are a number of local food vendors. A refrigerator is provided to store your own food/drinks.


Email us at benefitboat@gmail.com and we will respond within 48 hours.

 If you’d like us to do a different topic, visit the training page to see what other courses we can do, and drop us an email. We can provide your suggestion direct to you or, if there is sufficient demand, we can add it to our next training programme.

2019/2020 Current Training Courses


We make sense of a complicated and confusing system!

This course outlines the contributory/noncontributory basis of all benefits, matters common to all benefits such as claims, overpayments, how the means test works (and why many are forced to pass it) and how to challenge an adverse decision. We also clarify how Universal Credit is both different to all other benefits, but also the precursor to future, wider changes to the benefit system.

An excellent introduction, presented in a light but informative manner.


Thursday 17th October 2019 10 am to 4 pm Course Code: OBS.003

Thursday 27th February 2020 10 am to 4 pm Course Code: OBS.004

Personal INDEPENDENCE payments (pip) OVERVIEW

We outline the essentials of this daily living & mobility benefit, looking at,

  • Who is entitled

  • How ‘daily living’ and ‘mobility’ are assessed, in detail

  • How to claim

  • The face-to-face assessment process

  • What happens when going into hospital

  • How to challenge an adverse decision

  • the position at age 65

  • the spin-offs from entitlement to PIP

    - see also PIP Form Filling & Assessment Process Course below -


Thursday 13th February 2020 10 am to 4 pm Course Code: PIP.001

learning disability & benefits (adults)

This course details the range of benefits which can be claimed by those with a mild/moderate/severe learning disability, from 16 onwards. As such it covers the main disability and capacity for work and means-tested top ups, so covering Employment & Support Allowance, JSA, Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Housing Benefit and Council Tax help. We will clarify how Universal Credit will impact your client/customers, and look at in-work benefits in general.

The course also addresses the benefits claimed by their carers

An excellent introduction for those new to the field-or as a refresher: your clients circumstances may not be changing but the benefit system is!


Tuesday 10th December 2019 10 am to 4 pm Course Code: LD.003

Thursday 26th March 2020 10 am to 4 pm Course Code: LD.004

working age benefits

The benefit system is as complicated as ever, with lots of different benefits and no clear structure.

We explain how to navigate your way around it by looking at WHAT benefits can be claimed, WHY and WHEN!

By the end of the course you will have a clear idea of what benefits are relevant to your clients/customers and so will be better able to advise them more effectively.

This course includes a very practical general benefits pack, to use every day

Useful for those who work in all fields and at all levels


To be announced - if interested please send us a message!

older people, maximising income

We outline the benefits available to those over pension age, looking at State & Private pensions, Pension Credit and Attendance Allowance.

It could DOUBLE your clients income, giving them more options for a better quality of lifestyle.

This course also clarifies how pensioners are affected by Universal Credit, and what happens when entering hospital or a Care Home.


Tuesday 26th November 2019 10 am to 4 pm Course Code: OPMI.002

How to Challenge a decision

Key benefits such as Employment & Support Allowance (ESA) Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and Universal Credit have a built-in failure rate in benefit decision making as they are designed for regular reassessments. This means that claimants frequently have to challenge negative decisions. This half day introduction goes through the decision making process, highlighting mandatory reconsiderations, supersessions, appeals to first tier tribunals and beyond, outlining the process and offering strategies.

It also clarifies the important difference between making a complaint against a medical assessment and appealing the consequence of a poor assessment experience.


Date Thursday 21st November 2019 10 am to 4 pm Course Code: CD.002

universal credit- overview/refresher

It’s still coming and it’s still changing!

There are 3 million claimants due to be hit by Universal Credit- for the first time- in the next couple of years.

This course gives you all you need to know about Universal Credit in one day. We cover: eligibility; claims; payments; budgeting support and challenging decisions.

We clarify the ever-changing plans to implement the ‘migration’ of existing claimants onto this new regime, and how to protect your most vulnerable clients/customers NOW


Thursday 24th October 2019 10 am to 4 pm Course Code: UC.003

Thursday 19th March 2020 10 am to 4 pm Course Code: UC.004


Outlining the range of benefits that those with poor mental health can claim, both short-term and more longer term/enduring.

Looking at PIP, ESA/Universal Credit and how to meet housing costs, while identifying ‘problem areas’ such as the Support Group’, the effect of hospitalisation, signing on, being in work and challenging decisions.

Explains the transition to Universal Credit.


Thursday 14th November 2019 10 am to 4 pm Course Code: BMH.002

Thursday 5th March 2020 10 am to 4 pm Course Code: BMH.003


This course outlines the main benefits that can be claimed by carers, looking at Carers Allowance in detail, plus the top-up benefits that Carers also claim, including Income Support,

Pension Credit and Universal Credit. Highlights the special help for carers with the Council Tax - where more than one carer can benefit!

Also details how to protect the carer’s pension rights, and what happens when the disabled person goes into hospital, or dies


Thursday 30th January 2020 10 am to 4 pm Course Code: CB.001


This very practical course takes you through the PIP application form, giving top tips on how to complete each section

In this way you can best match your client’s needs with the specific PIP criteria.

You’ll be using the course workbook each time you fill in a PIP form!


Thursday 19th December 2019 10 am to 4 pm Course Code: PIPForm.001

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