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Off the Shelf & Bespoke Courses

the course struck just the right tone, in terms of meeting all (our) differing training needs and Stephen manages to make what some might consider a dry topic engaging and interesting
— CABA, Sept 2018

about our training

Benefit Options, Advice & Training can provide ‘off the shelf’ training courses, or bespoke courses, tailored just for you.

Our range of courses include skills training, with very practical sessions on form filling

They are set at a level appropriate for people who don't need a deep knowledge of benefits, just a working knowledge.

Apart from the very practical learning and skills learnt on the day,        post-course evaluation tells us that many find their members/clients/customers better off having attended one of our courses!

Most are whole day courses unless marked otherwise


Each course is supported by comprehensive training notes and will be delivered by someone with a practical knowledge of the subject.

Part of the training package is a free aftercare service whereby any queries that arose from the training are responded to with follow-up email guidance.


We have a two-tier fee system where there is a lesser fee for ‘off the shelf’ courses.

Courses that require additional preparation, such as those specially commissioned, attract a slightly higher fee.

In addition,there are travel costs.

 Contact us for up-to-date fees.


We have a range of pre-prepared courses that we can deliver. Most are whole-day courses.

See our list of 'off the shelf' pre-prepared courses, below:

List of pre-prepared courses

All of the following are whole day courses, unless marked*

  1. Universal Credit - basic overview (whole or half day*).

  2. Universal Credit – for generalist advisers.

  3. Universal Credit – for people with disabilities/limited capability for work.

  4. Universal Credit – for carers.

  5. Universal Credit – update.

  6. Learning Disability & Benefits – basic overview .

  7. Learning Disability & Benefits – advanced (2 day) -looking at a wide range of scenarios relevant to those working in the field of learning disability.

  8. Personal Independence Payments (PIP) – overview.

  9. Personal Independence Payments (PIP) - filling in the form & the assessment process.

  10. Maximising the income of Older People (Pension Credit/ Attendance Allowance) - double the income of your members/clients/customers!

  11. Carers & Benefits - Carers Allowance plus ‘hidden’ benefits.

  12. Attendance Allowance - practical form filling.

  13. Working Age Benefits - a simple overview.

  14. Employment & Support Allowance - introduction.

  15. Employment & Support Allowance & Universal Credit - The Support Group.

  16. Employment & Support Allowance/Universal Credit - filling in the form & the assessment process.

  17. Benefits for Mental Health Workers – overview.

  18. Challenging Decisions – half day.*

  19. Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for Children – overview.

  20. Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for Children – practical form-filling.

  21. Council Tax for Carers and the Cared for.

BESPOKE (tailor made) TRAINING

All of our our pre-prepared courses can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, or we can devise a course for your specific requirements.

You may want a mixture of subjects, or  greater emphasis on one particular issue, or focusing on a single client group.

Depending on the topic being covered (and the nature of the venue!), we suggest a maximum of 20 people.

Conversely you may want a smaller group, with more intensive input.

Contact us to discuss your needs

positive feed back about the trainer !

Here are some quotes from training course evaluations:

- Stephen made what could be a boring topic,interesting.

- approachable facilitator, willing & able to  answer questions and clarify a complex subject

- great to have the bound handout to refer to later

- trainers very knowledgeable, very friendly             & helpful

- workbook excellent to take away for reference

- very informational

- trainer made it fun

- good, clear presentation